Our Services

Enviromentor provides tailor-made consulting services to clients, to create opportunities to improve the environment through environmental best practice and creative behaviour change solutions. We provide recognised expertise in Scotland’s stewardship policy and extended producer responsibility programs.

Our consulting services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Working with Ministerial and Scottish Government teams

  2. Data sourcing, capture and analysis

  3. Engaging with stakeholders, third sector organisations and managing Steering Groups

  4. Report writing for internal use and external publication

  5. Communications planning and evaluation

  6. Preparing copy for external PR

  7. Qualitative and quantitative monitoring and evaluation

  8. Project Management, coordination of contractors, quality assurance, development of methodology

  9. Examples of relevant projects

    Name of Client Project Title Dates for the work Countries covered Summary of services provided
    Envirowise UK/WRAP

    Circular Economy – resource efficiency, water, waste and raw materials audits 1995-2011 UK Independent advisor to the Envirowise programme since 1995. Conducted approximately 700 business audits (resource efficiency), and provided telephone advice to companies and public sector organisations on resource efficiency, compliance, environmental training and awareness and delivered technical support, to multi sectoral organisations, including food & drink, retail, electronics, engineering, textiles, furniture, automotive, oil & gas, chemical, hospitality and leisure, Local Authorities and Third Sector Organisations.
    Envirowise UK/WRAP

    Resource Efficiency Library 1995-2011 UK Developed and wrote 83 key Business Resource Efficiency Guides, including technical guides and case studies covering food waste, hazardous waste, measuring and setting Key Environmental Performance Indicators, green practices in the office and supply chain partnerships.
    Manchester United

    Circular Economy – Manchester United Supply Chain 2002-2011 England Provided environmental awareness workshops for 50 suppliers, including launch event and training workshops as part of the Reds Go Green Campaign. Starting in 2002, Enviromentor has helped the catering and facilities management teams to adopt sustainable purchasing procedures and develop partnerships with their suppliers to design out waste and increase reuse and recycling of all materials, with cost savings in excess of £500,000 a year.
    Scottish Government

    Stakeholder Engagement and Policy 2003 Scotland Independent advisor to Scottish Government on the market testing of incentive schemes to encourage householders to recycle waste in Scotland. The report, http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2003/11/18568/29504 highlighted key incentives to change motivation and behaviour; constraints (or barriers) to change; and attitudes to incentives held by householders. The market testing and analysis resulted in an investment of £230 million, rolling out kerb-side collection schemes for recycling across Scotland.
    Ministry of Environment, Estonia

    Stakeholder Engagement and Policy 2005 Estonia Technical consultant working with the Ministry of Environment on implementing the Producer Responsibility Regulations for Packaging Waste. Key tasks included the development of a public awareness campaign to encourage the reduction of waste and increase recycling of household waste, consumer communications and a budget allocation over 3 years. This work led the development of a deposit return system for beverage containers in Estonia.
    Envirowise Wales/WRAP

    Circular Economy – Millennium Stadium SupplyChain 2010-2011 Wales Provided support to the Millennium Stadium supply chain project and 50 suppliers through the measurement of the carbon budget of waste produced during events and operations, which has led to the development of sustainable purchasing procedures to reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling of packaging, electronic equipment, textiles and furniture. At a practical level, this involved designing contract tenders and specifications to include a provision for leasing equipment, take-back of redundant equipment and maintenance and repair of equipment.
    Zero Waste Scotland

    Supply Chain and Sustainable Procurement Training 2011 Scotland Developed the Supply Chain Management and Sustainable Procurement training module for “on Course for Zero Waste”. On Course For Zero Waste is a free online training course for Scottish small and medium size enterprises/organisations (SMEs) and is an accredited CIWM training course.
    Zero Waste Scotland

    Deposit and Return and Incentivised Recycling Systems 2011-2015 Scotland and international The Scottish Government, in its election manifesto (2011), committed to “pilot a deposit return/reverse vending system for single use plastic, glass and aluminium containers and work with partners in the retail sector to explore options. Working exclusively for Zero Waste Scotland, Enviromentor completed a desk-based review of literature (UK and international sources) and consulted widely with potential partners (including producers, retailers, trade bodies, Local Authorities & NGOs, educational establishments and public venues. The consultations identified attitudes of stakeholders in regard to the public and industry acceptability of a deposit return system for Scotland and reverse vending (and the broader concept of incentives) and identified a shortlist of options to be developed as pilots. With a budget of £900,000, pilots were delivered by a variety of organisations including local authorities, universities, festivals and retailers and third sector organisations. Key tasks by Enviromentor included securing the fund from Scottish Government, promoting and engaging with applicants, equipment suppliers, providing support to develop communication plans, advising on branding guidelines, project delivery and monitoring. This also included working with the internal Zero Waste Scotland teams on communications and evaluation to develop branding, communications and evaluation plans. Managing stakeholders was also a key part of the contract, particularly in developing relations with partners and NGO’s to gain insight from experience of the systems in an international context. Enviromentor also produced the report on the Call for Further Evidence, following the publication of the Feasibility Study of a deposit return system for Scotland.
    Zero Waste Scotland

    Recycle on the Go 2013-2015 Scotland Project Manager for the Recycle on the Go Capital Grant Fund worth £750,000. There were 16 projects, each requiring communications development, support for artwork and signage (following Recycle for Scotland branding guidelines) and setting up and reporting data for monitoring and evaluation.
    Zero Waste Scotland

    Carrier Bag Charge 2013-2015 Scotland Project Manager for the Carrier Bag Charge, including the stakeholder consultations, prior to the introduction of the charge and the commissioning and management of contractors to prepare a one-year on report of the impact of the charge (published 20 October 2015). Key tasks also included supporting Zero Waste Scotland communications team with PR, managing the Carrier Bag Commitment web portal and managing the enquiry network from consumers, businesses and third sector organisations.
    Zero Waste Scotland

    Decarbonisation of Industry Route Maps 2015 Scotland Project management support to the Resource Efficiency Team for Project and Financial tasks, with extensive use of Project Zone. There was in particular support for the Industrial and Retail Decarbonisation of Industry Route Maps, Steering Group Management for Scottish Government and multi- contractor management of reports, as well as the management of secondees into key trade partnership organisations in the food and drink and hospitality sectors.
    DF Concerts

    T in the Park 2016 Scotland Environmental Manager for the T in the Park music festival in 2016, supervising all environmental aspects of planning, permits and wildlife during the build and break phases (construction and demolition) of the festival. Also responsible for the environmental duty of care of over 2000 contractors on site, on a daily basis.
    Zero Waste Scotland

    Circular Economy for the Construction Sector 2016-2017 Scotland Project Manager for the construction sector Design Out Waste guide and training for SME’s in the Construction Sector on behalf of Zero Waste Scotland. Tasks included writing tender documents, assessing bids, appointing contractors, managing contracts, review procedures, milestones and milestone payments, setting up contract documentation, and stimulating wider stakeholder engagement.
    Zero Waste Scotland

    Litter and Flytipping 2016-2017 Scotland Project Manager for the litter communications grant fund for 10 project and litter stakeholder survey (baseline stakeholder survey following introduction of National Litter Strategy for Scotland).

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