Publications & Press Releases

We have written many dozens of publications for Government, strategy papers for the environment, articles for technical journals, and business support organisations, such as Zero Waste Scotland, WRAP (encompassing Envirowise programme), Scottish Enterprise and The Carbon Trust.  Below is a selection of our recent publications, suitable for download.  We will post newly released publications regularly.

Government policy
envirowise Scottish Executive Householders Incentives for Waste 0014618 download [383KB]
envirowise Carrier Bag Charge - '1 Year On' download [383KB]
envirowise Deposit Return Pilot Projects download [1.04MB]
envirowise Further Call for Evidence Report download [386KB]
Dundee Pilot Project download [1,114KB]
Glasgow Caledonian Pilot Project download [1,229KB]
Hebcelt Pilot Project download[789KB]
Heriot Watt Pilot Project download[934KB]
IKEA Pilot Project download[1,488KB]
Marr College Pilot Project download[640KB]
North Ayrshire Schools Pilot Project download[910KB]
Troon Household Waste Recycling Centre Pilot Project download[623KB]
Whitmuir Pilot Project download[578KB]
Supply Chain Management
On course for zero waste module download [1.2MB]
ZWS supply chain management download [10MB]
zero waste Supply Chain Management download [1MB]
Supply Chain
envirowise Sharing success - profiting from supply chain partnerships download [2MB]
envirowise Williams Lea drives sustainability within its supply chain partnership download [1MB]
envirowise Retail supply chain distributes cost savings from improved packaging download [111KB]
envirowise Retail supply chain partners reduce waste and costs download[126KB]
envirowise Turf products supplier wins with supply chain partnership download [544KB]
envirowise Retail therapy 2003 - reducing waste through supply chain partnerships download [777KB]
envirowise Engineering profit through your supply chain download [382KB]
envirowise IEMA: Retail therapy in the supply chain reduces waste download [1MB]
Waste Management
envirowise Dealing with hazardous waste in Scotland - getting it right download [1MB]
Resource efficiency
envirowise Kingsmead Carpets continues to cut waste and costs download [174KB]
envirowise Waste team drives improvements download [120KB]
envirowise Facilities Manager Environmental Change download [6KB]
envirowise Profiting from practical waste minimisation download [820KB]
envirowise Furniture workbook cut waste cut costs download [3,479KB]
Water efficiency
envirowise University reduces costs through commitment to saving water download [568KB]
envirowise Measuring to manage - a how to guide download [750KB]
zero waste ATS Euromaster Resource Use - Improve Efficiency - Zero Waste download [1MB]
Environmental Management Systems
envirowise EMS drives down waste for plastics manufacturer download [170KB]
envirowise Environmental management systems for the furniture industry download [1,739KB]
Retail sector
envirowise High street businesses join together to save costs download [134KB]
envirowise Reducing waste and utility use in managed shopping centres download [265KB]
envirowise Increasing profits by reducing waste in managed shopping centres download [4,006KB]
envirowise Profiting from waste reduction in retail stores download [4,089KB]
envirowise Easy money - a self help guide for small retailers download [719KB]
envirowise Retail therapy - supply chains benefit from partnership approach download [456KB]
Hospitality sector
envirowise Cost-effective management of organic waste from the food & drink hospitality sectors download

Press Releases

envirowise SNP to Tackle Bottle Blight download
envirowise Recycling Victory download
envirowise Now Banish The Bottles download
envirowise Community Shop June 2012 download
envirowise Scotland trials on-the-go drinks container recycling download
envirowise Cash for Containers download
envirowise Uni 'crush and cash in' catering download
envirowise Glasgow Chamber of Commerce 'Rewards for Recycling' download
envirowise Waste not, want not download
envirowise Glasgow Chamber of Commerce 'Rewards for Recycling' download
envirowise You can bank on bottles download
envirowise Whitmuir the organic place launches new recycle and reward scheme download

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