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Enviromentor is a unique type of environmental consultancy, specialising in high-impact campaigns, created specifically for the modern market-place – to enable a flexible, responsive network of high skill partners form quickly - to match exactly with the particular needs of each client.

With more than 17 years’ experience, Enviromentor has developed long-lasting partnerships with our clients as Trusted Advisors.

Enviromentor’s Director, Marion Croy has over 27 years’ experience in strategic resource efficiency research and consultancy, gained from international experience in Europe and in the last 15 years, predominantly gained working on projects in Scotland.


Marion Croy

(BSc (Hons), PhD, MIEMA, MSB, CBiol)

Marion has been contracted to Zero Waste Scotland, for the last 6 years supporting the Circular Economy team, Litter and Flytipping team and Resource Efficient Scotland develop and deliver Scottish Government policy objectives. She has managed the delivery of four capital grant programmes for around £1.8 million (for 26 individual projects), to introduce new “on the go” recycling infrastructure, reduce litter and develop incentivised recycling systems, including reverse vending and deposit return. She managed the introduction of the carrier bag charge in Scotland in 2014, the deposit and return pilot projects in 2013 and call for evidence for a deposit return system across Scotland. She has supported the development of the communications strategy for each policy area, including the branding of the deposit return pilot projects under the Recycle and Reward banner.

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Recent Pilot Projects

Take a walk through the campus and learn how students got rewarded for recycling their empty cans and plastic bottles.

Glasgow Caledonian University Recycle and Reward reverse vending pilot project was managed by Enviromentor in 2013 as part of the Scottish Manifesto commitment to reduce waste, increase recycling and reduce litter.

A reward of 5p “money-off voucher” for use in campus retail outlets was given in exchange for empty drinks containers returned for recycling through reverse vending machines. 11,778 containers were collected during the six month trial. In a campus survey, 85% of students wanted this type of scheme become more widespread across Scotland.

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