Quite simply, Enviromentor provides consultancy services to mentor and support government, industry and commerce, education estblishments and NGOs - not for profit organisations - to better understand and manage their business and the sustainability of our environment.

Our personal and technical skills are broad and we tailor each project, specifically for our clients needs. Our projects range from developing and facilitating strategic environmental policy on waste reduction, litter and recycling to practical solutions to meet the environmental objectives towards a Circular Economy.

Enviromentor is well-respected for providing analysis and clarity of approach to industry and government to make informed policy and operational decisions.

Meet Our Team

Marion Croy – Director, Technical and Communications Consultant


Marion has 27 years practical experience of collaborating with industry, government and not for profit organisations to create and develop environmental policy and strategy, through behaviour change mechanisms. Marion is an experienced manager of strategic campaigns and programmes of work over a long-term basis (2-5 years), including leading multi-disciplinary teams and campaign steering groups, contractors and stakeholders.

Marion has written 40 technical publications revolving around the Circular Economy, 60 government web pages advising industry about new environmental legislation and how to integrate the legislation into business procedures, and 15 Government reports including the analysis of the impact of policy instruments, such as the Carrier bag charge in Scotland. Marion is a regular contributor to campaign communication materials, press releases and trade articles.

Marion’s personal skills include:

Rhian Pennie – Administration, Research

Rhian has three years’ experience providing office administration support to Enviromentor. Rhian provides research, analysis, writing, and editing support to senior consultants at all stages of project development.

Morven Pennie - Graphics Communications, Information Systems

Morven has provided graphic design and information technology support to Enviromentor for over a year. She assists with branding, web design and supports communication planning and design for clients.

Cansat Module

This year Morven represented the George Watsons College CanSat team, comprised of seven student members from years S5- S6 (ages 16-18). The project is a student-run design, engineering, technology and innovation project with the task of creating a small satellite module the size of a drinks can for European Space Agency. The satellite has a number of scientific sensors to monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, pressure and humidity and the data collected is used to draw conclusions about the ambient environmental conditions, when the satellite is launched. The GWC CanSat team won the UK National Championships, and participated in the European finals. An important part of the project has been to allow the students to determine how to work as a team, and to develop problem-solving skills, which can be transferred to their future careers and continuing professional development in technology and engineering sectors, as well as business management.

Cansat Team Photo

In support of Scottish Government’s circular economy strategy: Making Things Last – A Circular Economy Strategy for Scotland http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2016/02/1761 (published 23 February 2016). Enviromentor is a sponsor of the project to help support The Scottish Government's youth employment strategy, Developing the Young Workforce, and is committed to develop the particular skills of emerging industries, with an explicit commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, all of which will support a more circular economy.

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